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Happy Father’s Day… EVERY day

Nassau, Bahamas - "Wedding Day" - May 15, 2006

It’s 11:o3pm in Austin, Texas – which means it’s past midnight in New York City, and the Monday morning blues of another work week are about to hit my “7hrs ahead” friends in Germany. But, it’s Father’s Day, and I couldn’t quite hit the pillow without acknowledging that my mind’s been on my wife… and the everlasting knowledge that my father-in-law isn’t here for her (or me) to say “Happy Father’s Day”.

Nassau, Bahamas – Sandals Resort – May 2006

May 11-15, 2006 – 31 family and friends got together in Nassau, Bahamas for 5 days of what can best be described as fury, sun and fun in the Caribbean. On the 5th day, May 15th at 5pm, my wife Anna and I got married. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding service in a lush garden setting at the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort & Spa – Nassau, Bahamas. Perfect. Most definitely one of the Top 3 events of my life. Just in case you’re wondering… the other 2 were the birth of our sons – Cameron (Sept 2007) and Jordan (Nov 2009). So, what does that have to do with Father’s Day? My father-in-law wasn’t with us for the celebration. I keep picturing myself the morning of our wedding day – standing on the pier, looking out to sea, thinkin’… “I wish he was here to walk her down the aisle and give me his blessing”. I have that same thought on many occasions (wishing he was here); but, just seems a lot more piercing on Father’s Day.

Wedding Day - Sandals Royal Bahamian - Nassau, Bahamas - May 15, 2006

This morning, as my boys came barreling into the room to wish me  “Happy Father’s Day Daddy!” I looked at them and realized… my father-in-law IS here. I see him in my boys EVERY day. Because of him, now I’m a father. And no matter what… we’ll make sure that the boys ALWAYS know about their Grandad Seaberg.

Me and My Boys! - Jordan (18mos) & Cameron (3.5yrs)

So… Happy Father’s Day… EVERY day. NOT just on the 3rd Sunday of June each year. To my old man – The Big Jamaican – Arthur Cooke, and my father-in-law – Charles Seaberg. Thanks for being great Dads. And to my boys… Cameron and Jordan – Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be your Daddy; because I’m havin’ the time of my life and lovin’ every minute of it! CHEERS!

(Yes, I know… I didn’t ramble on and on this time. You’re welcome.)